How to Boost Your Internet Speed

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If you are a gamer, or you like streaming movies, or if you are working from home, we understand how annoying and time-consuming it gets to have a slow internet. You end up missing deadlines, losing games, and your movies keep loading. Well, there are many reasons why one’s internet […]

If you are a gamer, or you like streaming movies, or if you are working from home, we understand how annoying and time-consuming it gets to have a slow internet. You end up missing deadlines, losing games, and your movies keep loading. Well, there are many reasons why one’s internet connection could be slow, but in today’s time, it should no more be a problem because a lot of us depend on the internet in terms work and smart home technology. Well, it also happens that you sign up for an internet package that offers you ultra-fast download and upload speeds, but when you start using the internet it keeps lagging and the promised speed is not being delivered to you. Well, it might not always be your internet service provider’s fault, as there are many other reasons why your internet gets slower. There are several ways in which you can boost your internet speed and enjoy the upload and download speeds that you were promised. So, read along and find out how you can boost your internet speed.

Update Security

Well, most of the time freeloaders are looking to steal the internet, and quite often people steal your internet so that they can hack your accounts and devices. Make sure the internet you get comes with advanced security because when you have extra users without knowing, or hackers spying on your devices, it is a huge threat to your online security. This not only puts you at risk of getting your devices hacked but also slows your internet down. So, keep your home internet free from freeloaders and intruders and get advanced security along with your internet.

Move Your Router

Often when your internet speed `is not working at its full capacity is because your Wi-Fi router is placed in a remote corner of the house. To make your internet work at full capacity, place your router in the center of the house. This way the signals will flow equally to every corner of the house. You can also place it in the room where you use the internet the most.

Upgrade to a Smart Router or Modem

Often times, your router gets old and you never really change it. A lot of us have been using the same old traditional routers even with our smart home technology, which is why our internet lags so much. To make your internet work at maximum capacity and to make your smart home devices sync, switch to more advance equipment which most ISPs provide, but if not, get a smart router plus modem. A smart router or modem will spread signals equally all-around your house and will also provide the speed that is promised by the ISP.

Change Your Internet Service Provider

Most of the time internet service providers track your use of data and by tracking your devices and they lower the speeds accordingly. They also tend to do this more by the end of the month to kind of remind people to pay the bills. Well, if you notice your internet going slow by the end of the month, consider changing your internet service provider. For good and reliable TV and internet packages, that provide good speed, affordability and are accessible in your area, get your internet from

Let the Router Rest

Well, we mostly seem to ignore the fact that our routers never go off and are functioning 24/7 every day. It is very important to let your router rest or it will get exhausted and start lagging. Just like we need breaks, our computers and phones need breaks, our routers also need breaks, because when a device or machine works 24/7 it gets old too soon and starts lagging. It is essential to give breaks to all your devices and machines or they get old soon.

Reset the Router

Well, similar to letting the router rest, sometimes when you reset the router like we do to a computer or a mobile phone, unknown problems or glitches get fixed and the router starts working as good as new. Resetting the router can elevate the internet problems and boost the speed by starting new. So, whenever your internet lags, this is the easier thing to try.

Set the Antennas Right

If your internet router is one that has antennas, you can help them travel straight through walls and spread strong signals by angling one antenna upwards, and one to the side. This is one way in which you can spread the signals equally and directly to get signals at maximum capacity.

Use a VPN

As we discussed, most of the times hackers, internet service providers, and freeloaders slow down our internet connection. When you want maximum security as well as the capacity of your internet, use a VPN. A VPN is the best way to get maximum internet speed as it prevents your internet service provider from slowing down your internet, and it also saves you from hacks and spyware. You not only save yourself from threats but also speed up your internet.

Disconnect Devices That Are Not in Use

We often have all the devices of the house connected to the internet, which divides the signals making the speed slower. One way to maximize internet speed and signal strength are to disconnect all the devices that are currently not in use. This way you will get a fast internet speed and good signal strength. Also, your internet modem or router will have a lesser load on it.


Well, if you are also tired of your internet lagging and disturbing your work, gaming, or streaming, you are not alone. We understand how hectic and painful it can be when the internet that was promised to you is not being delivered and you are only paying bills for a bad connection. Well, we have the perfect solutions for you in the form of the points mentioned above. So, follow these tips and you will never have to deal with bad internet again.

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