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Table of Contents NecessityConsidered factorsThe workKeyphrase research / identificationIdea generationFirst optimization movesSearch engine submissionsQuality link buildingLink buildingRefining the user experience (UX)Content creation The growth of online businesses had been phenomenal since the world had gone digital with all sorts of products and services sold online. The stiff competition makes it […]

The growth of online businesses had been phenomenal since the world had gone digital with all sorts of products and services sold online. The stiff competition makes it harder and harder for everyone.


The SEO had evolved as a means of informing the search engines which sites and stores deserve the attention of shoppers. The SEO enabled the search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) to rank these sites (online stores) accordingly.


In short, SEO (short for search engine optimization) is simply the action taken that was meant to optimize or improve the performance of a site in organic search results. The main goal is to rank #1 in the search engines, or at least being on the first page.




These days, almost all of the websites that are doing online business want to have SEO services, in view of the prevalent stiff competition.


SEO services are the type of services (usually provided by agencies or freelancers who are experts) solely intended to help your site increase its online visibility as well as in online search traffic to websites.


This is the same process of search engines selecting which sites get the top spot for specific reasons. Usually, they take in many factors into consideration in coming up with the rankings.


Considered factors


Foremost of these considered factors in ranking view include website popularity, website quality, and the all-important user satisfaction. Without these listed factors, one would have trouble picking up a website to classify and rank accordingly.


The services will help send the right signals to search engines and push your website up the list of results into the tops.


The work


SEO service companies do quite a lot for sites that hire them. Some of the things they do helped these sites be ranked high on search engines. They improve these rankings, optimize their websites and do better, and assist them in creating content and so much more.


As it is, SEO has many smaller components, which includes keywords and key phrases optimization, link building, content marketing and more. Along the way, there is much extensive research to determine what actions are needed to be taken by the websites and where.


These are some of the more important actions taken when you are working with your partner SEO company.


Keyphrase research / identification


Your service company will do the necessary researches in order to identify the right keywords or key phrases that fit your business before taking any action whatsoever.


They do this during the initial meeting with your people to further learn the words and phrases associated with your products and your business in general.


Idea generation


This is one good way in generating good ideas to be used on the strategy to be adopted by your site all for the site’s rankings.


Some other keywords might have a lot of competition and there might b recommendations that are targeted more aggressively with link building and other actions. This is the time when a strategy will be formulated and concurred by everyone.


First optimization moves


For a new website, this is the time when there will be some initial optimization moves performed on the site. Usually, these involve getting the keywords and phrases that had been identified in the research.


Initially, this will involve populating the site’s Meta description and keywords. These are the ones users will see first when viewing it in a list of search results. This would mean updating the site’s title, and the individual page title including the site’s business name and important keywords.


Likewise, there will be some content appearing on the first page of the site and in some other pages. The keywords and phrases you want to rank for will be inserted into the sentence and paragraphs about the business and the products.


Search engine submissions


The big important step for sites that are new is the submission process to the search engines that they will undertake. The search engines will still eventually crawl into the site (through links made to it), but the process can be speeded up.


This is done by submitting it for their review and inclusion into their index. This happens when the SEO service agency is satisfied with the quality of the website and the way that the keywords are populated on it.


Once the website is crawled by the engines, it will start to appear in the search results.


Quality link building


One way that websites can tell search engines that they are trusted and should be ranked higher is through links it had built. Link building has become increasingly important in the world of SEO.


In general, the more competitive a keyword or area of business is, the more links a website needs to have to rank for it. Although you may find that you receive a lot of links naturally, sometimes a new business needs help to build up those valuable links.


Link building


Building links involves a lot of specific tactics and methods. One method includes everything from simply placing your website link on your social media profiles.


The others include the submission of guest posts to other blogs to creating great content that gets shared by other websites. Link building strategy is crucial in establishing and improving your site’s online presence.


Refining the user experience (UX)


Your users’ experiences when they visit your website (called UX) are very important to your rankings. If someone visits your store and thinks it’s unattractive or difficult to browse, they’re likely to leave right away. This data will make it back to the search engine.


Some few bounces are not a problem. A lot of them can mean you shouldn’t be ranked as highly. One way to avoid this is to work on the user’s experience on the site.


Content creation


There are several purposes for the site’s contents geared for visitors and customers. It gives them something to read and allows them to learn more about your products and services.


Great content is also good when shared which can help with link building. But for purely SEO purposes, content are what search engines need. This determines how relevant your website is to a specific keyword or keyphrase.


The content of your site needs to contain the right words and phrases, all for the improvement of your ranking. It can be hard to write content that serves both customers and search engines but it can be done and already had been done before.

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